The Snoopy Lads – Interrupted (Triptych I)

The Snoopy Lads - Interrupted (Triptych I)„Interrupted“ marks the opening – „Triptych I“. You live your more or less pleasant life – suddenly something leaves you speechless, paralyzed, numb. What the hell is it, I really can’t do with THAT!?!

Young japanese video artist Yukihiro Taguchi (currently stirring up the international arts scene with his stop-motion artwork), created a music video with and for The Snoopy Lads that is unique in the making: the costs of production were reasonably low while the effort was incredibly high!

The lion’s share of the video was produced in stop motion technique, which means there had to be 8 photos taken for each single second of the film! The choreographic part was coined by dancers from the internationally renowned Sasha Waltz Dance Company Berlin, first in line Mikel Aristegui!

From all this a music video emerged that surprises and irritates you, as well as it entertains or touches you. Just like the song itself: “Interrupted”. Remixes are provided by Furiku (London), Tareq (Athens) and Marc Lime & K Bastian (Berlin). Latter have already successfully produced remixes for „Cascada“, „Guru Josh Project“ and „D.O.N.S.“.

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