The Snoopy Lads – Resilience (Triptych II)

The Snoopy Lads feat. Maite Itoiz - Resilience (Triptych II)The second part of the trilogy is named „Resilience“ – this unfathomable capacity of some individuals to smoothly cope with the most horrible situations. A supernatural strength, as it seems.

What or actually who makes this track so outstanding is Hendryk’s duet partner Maite Itoiz, one of Spain’s most dazzling sopranos. Last year the Lads did a composition in request of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao: a “The-Snoopy-Lads-version” of a baroque aria by Henry Purcell. This is how the Lads caught Maite’s attention. Subsequently she proposed a mutual project.

The result is an inversion of the Guggenheim idea – Maite’s clear voice and her amazing vocal arrangement add a fascinating baroque touch to the modern Snoopy Lads song. It melds naturally with the electro sound and perfectly matches Hendryk’s pop voice. Maite Itoiz is partner of John Kelly, in life and on stage.

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