The Snoopy Lads – A Ruby in Blue

The Snoopy Lads - A Ruby in BlueMany have often pined for a beautiful voice that blends well with a dance beat and it’s right there in the vocal chords of Ekdahl. (…) All of which is enriched by an enchanting hybrid sound of strings, piano and electro-lite music. One gets the feeling that this is music beyond the confines of genres. (…) This boy sings like an angel. But there is something dark in his position. I love this danger. (…) They’ve enshrined out a sound that makes them clearly a league of their own. I’m not aware of another band like The Snoopy Lads & I strongly recommend you check them out.
(Robert Hanlon, London. , September 2008)

Klingt wie eine chillige Nacht in der Großstadt.
(GALA, 08.Mai 2008)

„Hot Chip haben die grossen Bühnen bereits erobert… und *The Snoopy Lads* stehen schon in den Startlöchern!“
(ARTE „Tracks“ Mai 2008)

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