The Snoopy Lads release their latest project: „Triptych (I-III)“

Within the next 4 months 3 EP’s will be released, each one of them in collaboration with exquisite international artists. How ever different the songs are, they are connected by an emotional brace: how you deal with a horrible situation. And your eventual triumph over it. Not to forget: the unique *The Snoopy Lads* sound…

There are moments in your life that profoundly make you lose ground. Something you absolutely did not expect. Something that makes it nearly impossible for you to deal with. This is exactly what „Triptych (I-III)“ is about. This „Triptych“ of The Snoopy Lads comprehends 3 songs on that topic. 3 quite different songs, as a result of collaborations with a choice of quite different, exciting artists.

Interrupted (Triptych I)
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Resilience (Triptych II)
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Sun (Triptych III)

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