Johan Gielen pres Hollis P Monroe – I’m lonely

We proudly present our next exclusive remix release for renowned record label Magik Muzik | Black Hole Recordings. For the second time already within a few weeks, we had the honour to work for the record label which was originally founded by superstar DJ TiĆ«sto! This time we worked our magic on the new release by Johan Gielen, who teamed up with Hollis P. Monroe to bring his classic „I’m lonely“ back to life!

The famous hookline „I’m lonely and I need to be with someone tonight“ was originally performed by none other than 80s legend Terence Trent D’Arby himself. His soulfull voice brought him hits like „Sign your Name“, „If you let me stay“ or „Wishing Well“.

This triumvirate consisting of Johan, Hollis and Terence has created magic for the dancefloor and we are very proud to be part of it! So whoever feels „lonely“ grab someone, take the chance and hit the dancefloor.

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