Dr. Alban vs Sash! – Hello South Africa

The singing dentist from Sweden is back! Throughout his whole career he has delivered hits like „It’s my Life“, „Sing Hallelujah“, „Look who’s talking“ and many more. Most of them are still frequently played nowadays and considered all-time classics. Now in 2010 he is finally back with his first single ever, recorded 20 years ago. The track „Hello South Africa“ produced by the guys behind Sash! („Encore une Fois“, „Adelante“, „Ecuador“,….) is intended for use on different subjects for the Football World Cup 2010.

The release is set for June and the music video has just been finished. There will be two edits available and besides the original our remix was chosen. So watch this space for more details and the full length clip very soon! „Sing Hallelujah“!

[wpaudio url=“http://marclimekbastian.com/wp-content/uploads/mp3/hellosaf.mp3″ text=“Dr. Alban vs. Sash! – Hello South Africa (Marc Lime & K Bastian Rmx)“ dl=“0″]

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