Darren Bailie pres MLKB & Damae – Ocean of Love

Darren Bailie presents Marc Lime & K Bastian hooking up with beautiful Damae, the voice of Fragma. She looks back on an amazingly successful career with Fragma having hits like „Toca’s Miracle“, which went number one in the UK, „Everytime you need me“, „You are alive“, „Memory“ and the current „Forever and a Day“. Travelling the whole globe, the queen of Eurodance stopped by at the MLKB studio to record a brand new single! Having just recorded her brand new video for Fragma feat. Jesus Luz, Madonna’s boyfriend, we are really proud to announce this cooperation. This time we wanted to get to the essence, that’s why we cut it short, the result is „MLKB & Damae“!

The track „Ocean of Love“ combines Damae’s lovely and fairylike voice with the electrifying beats and sounds of Marc Lime & K Bastian. The remix package cannot be bigger, the legendary Sash! („Mysterious Times“, „Encore une Fois“,…) and the upcoming DJs from Mars provided some amazing remixes as well as Anders Nyman one part of the Guru Josh Project („Inifnity 2008“).
You can find some pictures we took at the Echo Awards 2010 in the press section. Check out a preview of the song below and make sure to take a bath in the „Ocean of Love“ coming April 16th!

[wpaudio url=“http://marclimekbastian.com/wp-content/uploads/mp3/ocean.mp3″ text=“Darren Bailie pres. MLKB & Damae – Ocean of Love (DJs From Mars Remix)“ dl=“0″]

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